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Our Vision

Snapshot Mental Health envisages vibrant, resilient, mentally rich communities living free from mental health stigma and discrimination.


Our Mission

To improve the mental wealth and wellbeing awareness across communities.   


Our Goals

Through the delivery of our affordable short Insight courses, facilitated by people with lived experience, Snapshot Mental Health aims to raise the mental wealth and emotional literacy of communities, particularly through the awareness and understanding of both common and not-so-common mental health and wellbeing issues.


The courses will provide knowledge which will support the individual in identifying the onset of a poor mental health experience within themselves or others as well as provide tools for management and recovery.


The gained knowledge will also assist in destigmatising mental health conditions and contribute towards the building of resilient communities and society.


To further assist in the delivery of Snapshot Mental Health's mission, there will be an annual information event. 


Social Responsibility

Snapshot Mental Health, as a social enterprise, is aware that many businesses subscribe to social responsibility values. Where practical, Snapshot Mental Health will assist organisations to deliver their social responsibilities in a manner which will support the mental health and wellbeing of individuals.  


Our Values

Snapshot Mental Health is founded on the premise that all are equal.


Snapshot Mental Health believes that parity between mental and physical health can be achieved.


Snapshot Mental Health believes in the value of lived experiences.


Snapshot Mental Health believes in a whole life whole system approach to sustainable recovery.    


developing a focus on mental wealth...developing a focus on mental wealth...developing a focus on mental wealth...developing a focus on mental wealth...

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